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Personalised Baptism gifts and keepsakes

by Nicholas Adhikary 18 Aug 2022

God is one powerful driving force whether we acknowledge his existence or not. And for those of us, who actually do believe in God, believe in the ceremony of baptism. Baptism is one joyous occasion for every believer of Christianity. This ceremony, generally, is performed on young children by sprinkling of holy water on the forehead or by immersing the child’s body in the holy water- symbolising the acceptance of the child into Christian faith. Having to give a baptism gift that matches the spirit of the ceremony is crucial. You can’t just give anything away...the gift must be thoughtful and useful for the receiver. We have a wide range of gifts including ones for baptism ceremony gifts, these are elegant and personalised pieces of love and affection from us to you. Baptism is just the beginning of their spiritual awakening, a lot has to happen and most of these happenings are worth saving.

  1. Personalised wooden memory keepsake for baby girl/baby boy:

    A personalised vintage style keepsake box as a gift for baptism ceremony and it is a symbol of your fondness towards the child. They are young and will definitely make memories worth preserving for this memory box.

  2. Personalised glass plaque:

    Baptism is one special occasion that amounts to the joy of the family whose child has become a part of Jesus’ protection umbrella. A glass plaque with a message of your choice would make a great personalised baptism gift for your loved ones.

  3. White wooden baptism photo frame:

    Baptism ceremony perfect gift is a white wooden photo frame to lock the perfect picture of the ceremony- the holy essence. The exact moment when God showered his love on your loved one, captured and stored safely in this frame.

  4. Tea light holder gift:

    How will you ever fight darkness? With light of course! Here is a thoughtful baptism gift- a tea light holder. Beautifully coloured in white with golden cross enhances the essence of this gift. God’s light to protect your child and help them triumph their darkest, difficult times.

  5. Personalised large wooden box memory keepsake:

    Memories are a part of all of us. And some memories are so dear to us that they need to be preserved. We have a personalised baptism gift for you which is just splendid to keep yours and your child’s memories safe. A large wooden box memory keepsake with an engraving of your choice! What could be better to gift for someone than a keepsake worth beautiful memories.

  6. Personalised glass large photo frame in lined gift box:

    The ceremony is taking place and you have a picture of the moment when the child was accepted into God’s caring arms. Gifting the picture isn’t enough; we need to make it unforgettable. A large glass photo frame in lined gift box is just the ideal personalised baptism gift for your beloved.

  7. Baptism photo album keepsake gold cross design:

    The entire ceremony is about joy, blessings, cheer and pictures. To preserve these moments for a lifetime to come we have a grand gift for baptism day- a photo album keepsake that has a beautiful gold cross design on it. The design is elegant and the gift is precious.

  8. Personalised White wooden keepsake box:

    Baptism ceremony gift for a child of any age is a keepsake box that is made of white wood and the best part of it is that you can personalise it! A message or quote or name of the child, any engraving of your choice and the gift becomes worth a lifetime of preserve case for memories.

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