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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Communion gifts and keepsakes

by Nicholas Adhikary 30 Jun 2021

Having a faith and following the divine spiritual path is great source of filling your life with positive energy. At times when we feel slow or stuck in life participating in the service of God is a good idea to rejuvenate the lost enthusiasm and energy for the daily life chores. Practicing Christianity involves many ceremonies and rituals and one of them is the Holy Communion. We need a guiding light and what better than the participation in the Holy Communion.

We need to grow and be there for our people and only then our society would become a better civilisation.

Children who are introduced to this practice at an early age become better social people as they fully understand the concept of togetherness. We take faith very seriously and all the ceremonies involved in it, so to make these moments unforgettable we provide a wide range of personalised gifts for the Holy Communion ceremony. Here are a few of our favourites.

  1. Personalised glass plaque:

    Someone just had their very first Holy Communion and it was because you inspired them (or maybe someone else did but the important part is that they were there). It is a great gesture to give them a nice communion gift as a token of appreciation and togetherness itself. A personalised glass plaque that says their name and a personal message from you would just concrete their faith in togetherness.

  2. White wooden photo frame:

    A picture of the recent communion in a beautiful white wooden photo frame would be just the great Holy Communion gift. A group photo that has all the lovely and familiar faces in this frame would add sparks its elegant design. After all it is all about being there for each other in good times and bad. This photo frame is the perfect way to express your affection towards your dear ones.

  3. First holy communion wooden photo frame:

    Your child is participating in their first communion and to make this day memorable how about a first Holy Communion gift? To inculcate the good habit of togetherness and being there for someone who needs you is a precious social skill to lead a goof life with better people around you.

  4. White keepsake silver debossed memory box:

    We are nothing without memories and memories are created with good people who value our presence in their lives. Holy Communion is a great ceremony that involves bread and wine and wonderful company. Certainly, at times a fine-looking memory box would be a fantastic communion gift. A Holy gathering and lots of fond memories with all the dear ones around. What better way to remember Lord than being there with our loved ones?

  5. Scrapbook photo album:

    The gathering involved cheers, good food and wonderful company of beautiful people definitely amounts to photos worth a thousand smiles. A unique Holy Communion gift is a scrapbook photo album that would contain all the photos of the moments from the communion. Being in the presence of God and our dear ones, amounts to the precious memories thus formed. A reason good enough to keep the pictures safe in a beautiful scrapbook album.

  6. Personalised wooden keepsake box:

    A personalised Holy Communion gift that mentions about your affection for the receiver is a personalised wooden keepsake box. You can engrave it with the name of the receiver or a personal message of your choice. Making such gifts personal is better because it becomes a memory than a gift. You now have a piece of their mind in the form of a beautiful wooden box. Communion and the essence of togetherness just got better.


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