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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Teacher gifts and keepsakes

by Nicholas Adhikary 30 Jun 2021

Teachers are our first friends outside the family. They not only teach us the academic concepts but they also help us in understanding the life itself. They care like a mother, protect like a father and love like a friend. This teacher’s day why not give them gift that captures your sentiment towards them perfectly. They are the GPS to your ways to become a better person both professionally and personally. Other than your parents, they are the only one who value and care about your growth and achievements.

They teach you the art of living and leading a proper life with a balance of gratitude and humility perfectly blended together. A good teacher is a boon to children and we should encourage them to be as good a student to them. Putting all the sentiments in buying gift for teacher here:

  1. Teacher gift mug:

    They get tired too no matter they show it or not. Give them this beautiful thank you teacher gift mug and let them know that you care for their tea to remain hot and soothing. Plus send a pleasing message that their presence in your life has made a great impact.

  2. End of term wine glass:

    Teacher was there with you when the term started, during the mid terms and now that the term is towards its end, they are still there for you. Thank them for their relentless help and dedication in helping you with a beautiful wine glass gift for teacher.

  3. Best teacher gift tag:

    Let the world know that you are grateful to your teacher that they helped you in becoming what you are and they made you realise your dreams and mapped the road to achieve them. A gift tag is a great idea for a gift for teacher.

  4. Personalised engraved wine glass:

    Wine glasses become better gifts when they become personal to someone. After the long day of teacher your teacher needs a relaxing drink and what could be better than giving them a personalised engraved wine glass gift? You can customise a message of your choice with this.

  5. Crystal Hanging charm for thank you:

    Imagine that your thank you gift for teacher – a beautiful crystal hanging charm that would enhance the decorum of their personal library or guest room.

  6. Thank you teacher tin candle:

    They always helped you in the dark times of study stress and now is the time to give them a share of your light (quite literally!). A thank you teacher candle gift in a tin container. Every time they would light up the candle you will be remembered.

  7. Thank you teacher personalised engraved glass plaque:

    A simple yet elegant way of showing gratitude towards your teacher’s efforts is a presenting your teacher with a personalised engraved glass plaque. Let them know that you value their efforts that helped you get through the terms.

  8. Engraved wooden cover notebook:

    What is a teacher without a notebook? Well yes it is their way of managing things and by giving them a personalised thank you teacher gift in the form of an engraved wooden cover notebook, is a brilliant idea!

  9. Engraved wooden key ring:

    They hold the keys to unlock your blocked doors and they need a special key ring to hold those keys together. We have special teacher key ring gift that would exact this very sentiment.

  10. Thank you teacher ceramic present:

    A striking ceramic piece that says thank you teacher in style is another way of presenting your gratitude towards your teacher. Express your sentiments that say how grateful you are to them for helping you shine brighter than others.

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