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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Christening gifts and keepsakes

by Nicholas Adhikary 30 Jun 2021

Our life is our own but it starts in the arms of others who love and nurture us to become the person we are or should be. One important aspect of leading a good life is following a faith. It teaches us the necessary tools of living a good life- love, acceptance and endurance.

Christening is a ceremony that is symbolic to the acceptance in the church congregation. With the christening ceremony the protection umbrella of God is assured. It is a beautiful ceremony that is performed in the church and one officially becomes God’s child. This ceremony is a huge celebration for the Christian community and thus we have a wide range of christening gifts and keepsakes to choose from; some of those are:

  1. Personalised photo frame:

    What is a celebration without the memories and to safeguard the moments of the ceremony we have a beautiful personalised white photo frame. It would become a great part of the child’s life or their room decor. It is the perfect christening gift from a loving person to a beloved child.

  2. White wooden keepsake box:
    There are little treasures each one of us has which we keep away from the common eye. Giving a ‘my christening’ white wooden keepsake box is a great idea for christening day gift. This is another superb gift as it will not only help them in storing little treasures but would look great too. It would be a reminder to them that memories worth preserving are kept safe in best keepsake boxes.
  3. Personalised wooden keepsake box:

    Simple, elegant wooden keepsake box but what makes it different from the others? We personalise it. You can have any engraving of your choice and make it an ideal christening day gift for children.

  4. Personalised christening photo frame:

    The moment is secured in a photo and it is the best christening day gift. What’s more is that we personalise is it with the receiver’s name or a short message from the giver. This photo frame would be a unique yet graceful way of sending love across.

  5. Personalised cute money saving box:

    Teaching the child the right values is vital for their growth. Money is not everything but it is many things and teaching the children the value of saving the money for rainy days is one way of showing affection towards them. This thought is put to life by us as money saving box gift for christening day.

  6. Glass photo frame:

    Memories put in frames and used as a part of home decor just reminds us of the sheer joy we had and shared in those moments. So not just any photo frame, but a beautiful glass photo frame with a gorgeous picture in it, is the wonderful christening day gift.

  7. Photo album with raised icons:

    There would be moments and memories in the ceremony that would define the child’s day when they look back to their christening day. And to secure these moments there will be pictures taken. How does a photo album sound as an ideal christening day gift for your loved ones? We know it would be the best as it will have all the inspiring memories and people in it.

  8. Wooden post box:

    People travel and many of us love to send postcards to our loved ones from the places we visit and some of u just likes to collect these postcards. A wooden keepsake box with postcard slot in it is a beautiful christening day gift and a hidden inspiration for the child to explore the world.

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