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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Wedding gifts and keepsakes

by Nicholas Adhikary 18 Jun 2021

Weddings are an emotional affair. There are lots of emotions at play- love, sadness (giving away a daughter isn’t easy!), happiness and laughter. Whether it’s your own wedding or a friend who is getting hitched, there is always room for wedding gifts and wedding favour gifts.

Making the wedding gifts memorable is our motto with our wide range of personalised wedding gifts. From bride and groom to friends and family we have covered all the participants in this grand event of the year. More than the gift what matters the most is the sentiment behind it and with our top ten personalised wedding gift ideas, you are assured a loving sentiment from us.

  1. Wedding planner diary:

    Planning a wedding is a huge task. You have to think about the venue, date, invitations, guest lists, RSVPs, decorations and what not! All of this pinpoint planning requires a planner that covers all the titles surrounding a wedding, and we have just the prefect organiser for you.

  2. Personalised wine glasses for bride and groom squads:

    Bride and groom are the main characters in the entire event but the bride squad and the groom squad are the relentless workers doing all the necessary floor work for making the wedding a grand hit. To honour these people we have best wedding favour gifts for them- personalised wine glasses. A toast to the squad! Cheers!

  3. Tuxedo gift bags for best man and usher:

    The boys and making the ends meet to help the groom for his big day. And they all must have plenty of things they need to carry all around all the time. Well we have just the perfect gift here- tuxedo gift bags that are durable. Weddings are all about cheers and sharp dressing styles. A stylish wedding tuxedo gift bag is a brilliant idea.

  4. Personalised large wooden memory keepsake box:

    Weddings are the new beginnings and all about making new memories. The finest gift for newly weds is a personalised large wooden memory keepsake box that would accurately demonstrate your happy gesture towards their happy marriage.

  5. Personalised wedding day crystal border photo frame:

    A new chapter has started in the couple’s life and what could be a better wedding gift for bride and groom than the perfect couple picture in a beautiful personalised wedding day crystal border photo frame. This piece if beautifully designed to enhance the beauty of the picture wall in their home.

  6. Personalised vintage style wedding certificate holder:

    It’s a wedding and other than love there is one more agent that binds the two individuals into the holy matrimony- the wedding certificate. We have a beautiful wedding day gift for couple and that is a personalised vintage style wedding certificate holder. This would remind them that you care and cherish their togetherness too.

  7. Personalised bamboo travel mug for best man:

    Your best man needs his energy in place all the time. So to keep him on his toes gift him this amazing wedding favour gift for best man- a personalised bamboo travel mug. Grooms checklist is in safe hands and so is the energy of the best man in a mug!

  8. Wedding photo album with verse design:

    Magical wedding moments will become memories tomorrow. Keeping these moments secured for years to come present the couple with this attractive wedding day gift in the form of a wedding photo album.

  9. White or pink candle in ceramic gift box:
    Weddings are about awesome decorations that enhance the beauty of the venue and increase the sentiment of the occasion. This is a thoughtful wedding gift as it is represents the joy and literally brings light.
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