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Best Graduation Gifts and Keepsakes

by Nicholas Adhikary 18 Jun 2021

Graduation is a life milestone never to be forgotten. All your efforts have come to fruition and now is the time to celebrate this occasion. Years and months of hard work, sleepless nights, project struggles etc. and finally all that has paid off. A beloved is graduating and you need a personalised gifts for them to tell them how proud you are of them.

  1. Plush teddy bear with photo memory keepsake:
    It was just yesterday that your loved one was in kindergarten and today they are graduating! To mark your love and blessings on this special occasion a great graduation gift would be a plush teddy bear with photo memory keepsake. This is a perfect gift for your little one, who is all grown up now.
  2. Personalised graduation gift plaque:

    They have scored the best marks and achieved their graduation milestone. A personalised graduation gift plaque is a beautiful gift embalming all the happiness and pride you have for them.

  3. Personalised wooden graduation certificate holder:

    Years and months of efforts have finally paid off and they are a graduate now. An attractive graduation gift for this occasion would be a personalised wooden graduation certificate holder to keep that precious paper and memory intact for years to come.

  4. Graduation gift bags:

    Your beloved has graduated and you couldn’t be more proud. This calls for a memorable graduation gift and we have just the perfect gift bags to present your gift in style. These are super useful and yet a cool way of presentation.

  5. Personalised graduation photo frame:

    A photo in their graduation hat is something worth keeping safe. And we provide a beautiful wooden personalised photo frame to keep that memory out of harm's way. This is an elegant graduation gift for newly graduates who are off to start a tremendous career journey.

  6. Hat style graduation keepsake box photo frame:

    Lots of memories and stuff like- the lucky pens, the hair ties, and the cool bracelet etc. are to be kept safe because these were your partners when you were up all night burning the midnight oil for your graduation. Having a hat style graduation keepsake box along with a photo frame would be a wonderful gift for graduation.

  7. Personalised graduation wooden gift tag:

    All the books you love and those that helped you to drive through the graduation course will be staying with you forever. A personalised graduation wooden gift tag that could be put on a bag or between these books to enhance the look of the bookshelf would just add the charm to the cheer.

  8. Personalised graduation scrapbook photo album keepsake:

    Pictures and memories with friends and professors and the little what notes are to be preserved at graduation. Gifting your loved one a personalised graduation scrap book and photo album keepsake would help them in safeguarding this impressive graduation in this lifetime.

  9. Personalised Engraved key ring:

    Keys are very important. They help us open the locked doors and if you want to gift someone a precious graduation gift then none better than a personalised engraved key ring that would hold the key to the tight locks of a successful career ahead. You can put any engraving of your choice, our suggestion- word(s) to love by.

  10. Personalised Slate heart plaque:

    They are probably going to relocate for their next steps in career after they graduate and a definite requirement is a reminder that says everything you want to whenever the distance gets harder. So, on their graduation give them a personalised slate heart plaque to always stay close to them.

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