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Great Christening gift for your Child

by Nicholas Adhikary 28 May 2021

Human is nothing without their faith. Faith defines a person’s thoughts and lifestyle. It is an important belief to navigate through the twists and turns of life. Welcoming a child in the Christian faith is a joyous occasion for the parents, family and friends.

The christening ceremony isn’t just about spiritual dictates but more to do with the cultural customs, and life guidance. It all happens to involve a new outlook of belief followed by celebration- singing dancing and sharing the joy of bring welcomed in the church congregation.

Hence, a gift to mention your happiness for the occasion and a symbol of your blessings and love would just add a little more joy. Gifts are not just to give away because the occasion calls for it, gifts are the tokens of thoughtfulness and being present for your loved ones.

So, if you are having trouble selecting a gift for the christening of a child, let us help you with some of the best suggestions for personalised gifts that you can present. So, before that, there are several factors- age, gender, likes, dislikes etc., you need to think upon beforehand, it will help you to choose the right gift for these ceremonies.

Here are the Top ideas to help you buy a great gift for the child who is about to be welcomes by the church.

  1. Christening Photo Frames
    Personalised Christening Photo Frame as a christening/baptism gift for children is to display memorable photos of a Baby Christening Day. A message that reads- “May god send his angels to bless you and watch over you on your Christening Day and forever" will stay with the baby forever and the child will remember his Christening Day.

  2. Christening keepsake memory boxes
    Personalised keepsake memory box is another good choice as a christening gift is a wonderful way of storing yours or your child’s christening memories. These boxes are made mainly with wood and some made with slots for post cards. The box is easy to open and comes with a clip closure. Adults have their treasures and do the children. What better baptism gift for a child than a wooden keepsake box in vintage style? They can store their precious things in it or use it as an ornamental piece in their room décor.

  3. Personalised photo album
    A superb Personalised baptism gift would be a Personalised photo album with a cover that says your message or your blessings for the child’s christening ceremony. This photo album would secure the long lasting memories for the times to come. Not only christening memories but others too because their memories have just started to form. Perfect gift for a perfect occasion.

  4. Personalised ark bookends

    It’s a good habit to read good books from an early age. In fact it is never too late to start reading. To inculcate this habit in a child an attractive and Personalised ark bookends is a personal gift for christening of a child. This gift would remind them that they are always in your thoughts.

  5. Personalised ark money box

    They are children and you want them to know the value of money- earnings and savings, then why not give them with a valued christening gift? Having a money saving box that is useful for them and every time they save up a fortune they will remember you and thank you for giving and teaching them a prized life value lesson.

  6. Personalised night lamp

    With this as a baptism gift you are literally giving them light for the dark times. A Personalised night lamp with seven lights is a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea for children.

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