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Personalised wedding day gifts for that special day

by Nicholas Adhikary 20 May 2021

A wedding is happening and you would be a part of it; a new chapter in the couple’s life and you just cannot find the ideal gift. Fear not! We have a wide range of personalised wedding gifts to make your presence for the occasion memorable. Weddings are occasions that mark the new beginnings not only for the couple but also for the friends and family. The people you knew till now would now fondly be called the ‘couple’, ‘Mr. and Mrs.’, one team, ‘single unit’ etc. Your gift should reflect your love for them.

  1. Personalised Wooden Wedding Certificate Holder:
    A wedding certificate is the document that has to be kept safe and what better wedding gift than a personalised beautifully designed wooden wedding certificate holder? Your search for a perfect wedding gift ends here.
  2. Personalised large wedding day photo frame with crystals:

    There is wedding around then there must be moments that are captured to remember this special day by especially for the bride and groom. And to secure the perfect couple photo a personalised large photo frame with crystals in its borders is just the perfect wedding gift for the newlyweds.

  3. Wedding day Keepsake box with photo:

    A wedding day gift for friend should be thoughtful and useful and we have exactly that- a personalised, beautiful keepsake box in wood, to store the little important things like bride and groom rings or the seat reservation name cards; and would look just amazing as a table top during the reception.

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Wooden chopping board:

    Like all the other things in a wedding, food is one most important thing to make the occasion unforgettable, but it is not limited to just the wedding day. To the new beginning in the couple’s life we have a special wedding day gift- a personalised Mr. and Mrs. Wooden chopping board. So you’ll be remembered every time that board would be used. Brilliant! Right?

  5. Personalised wedding day photo album:

    There would be many pictures taken during the wedding ceremony and the party that follows. There would be laughter and tears (of happiness and mixed emotions), there would be many perfect moments for the couple and with their friends and family. A personalised wedding day photo album is a perfect wedding day gift for the couple.

  6. Silver plated horseshoe for good luck:

    A wedding is happening, a new chapter is about to begin in the couple’s life; they need all the blessings and love from their loved ones. To make a note that you wish happiness and good luck we have a gift- a gorgeous, personalised silver plated horseshoe; isn’t it a wonderful wedding gift for newlyweds?

  7. Personalised double walled stainless steel wine cooler:

    The after wedding ceremony party calls for drinks and toasts! There would be wine, music, dance and cheers all around. What could be a gift that would be useful yet imaginative one could present? Well the answer is- a personalised double walled stainless steel wine cooler! You don’t want their wines to go hot particularly not on their wedding day!

  8. Personalised Engraved glass plaque for wedding day:

    The couple getting married is so dear to you and you are looking a wedding gift for them, your search ends here- a personalised engraved glass plaque. You can get anything engraved on it, a message from you or a quote that defines the couple’s love for each other or just the wedding vows they took during the ceremony. A plaque that enhances their home decor is the finest wedding day gift for family.

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