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10 Awesome fathers day gift ideas

by Nicholas Adhikary 20 May 2021

Not all heroes wear capes some wear ties and some spectacles and instead of holding a shield they become the shield for their children. And today is a special day because he is your hero. It a time to rejoice and to mark the importance of the occasion, a personalised father’s day gift is in order.

  1. Photo frames for dad:
    A beautiful wooden frame that says; he is loved all the way to the moon. Beautifully designed and an elegant frame and in the centre your favorite photo that tells that Dad is your first hero and the only one you’ll ever need to fix everything or anything.
  2. Personalised beer/wine/whisky glass:
    Since it’s a celebration drinks are a must. And a great father’s day gift would be sharing a drink or  two with your favorite man on earth and the drink to be poured in a personalised glass that simply reflects what an awesome Dad he is.
  3. Personalised hanging plaque:

    An awesome father’s gift idea is a hanging plaque that could be made personalised with a small message like- My daddy strongest or my superhero or any personal message stating that he made your life better in every sense. This is a simple yet elegant piece of gift to make his day a little brighter.

  4. Personalised glass plaque:

    He is your hero who fought for your dreams like a knight, your hero deserves a thank you in return doesn’t he? So a personalised a glass plaque that mentions your appreciation for everything he did for you would be the best father’s day gift.

  5. LED tea light holder keepsake:

    He brings light to your darkness and now it is time you illuminate his life (or reading corner) a bit more. A personalised wooden LED tea light holder keepsake is the perfect incarnation of this thought. This would be a memorable father’s day gift for years to come.

  6. Personalised Bookmarks:

    Talking about illuminating his reading corner, here is another personalised father’s day gift idea- a bookmark; that would remind him of your love towards him, every time he picks up his favorite book to read.

  7. Personalised Slate coaster:

    He loves to enjoy his favorite sports accompanied with beer. An amazing gift for dad- Personalised slate coaster and it would also look amazing on the coffee table as a show piece because even though you may not always stay around in the home, your thoughtful father’s day gift always will.

  8. Personalised recipe book:

    He wants to try his hand in cooking or he is already remarkable cook but sometimes he just wishes he had mum’s recipe book. Well, now you can gift him mum’s recipe book but with a twist. We personalize the cover with a message engraved in wood and tell him that he is as good a cook as he is in the garage.

  9. Tea coffee travel mug:

    He always takes his tea or coffee in a hurry before leaving for his work and sometimes he even misses it. Buying a tea/coffee travel mug for him this father’s day is an excellent idea. Personalizing it by engraving his name or his beloved quote will send across a message that you care about his morning tea/coffee energizing routine.

  10. Wooden bottle opener:

    You’ve sit down with him for a couple of beers after a long time and that too on a father’s day, this is the time you give him his father’s day present- a personalised wooden bottle opener to begin the celebrations. Even when you’re not around this gift will always take him back to the good times!

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