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Personalised birthday gifts for her

by Nicholas Adhikary 20 May 2021

Birthdays are a reminder of new beginnings. A life was started that has become such a great part of your life too. We are talking about personalised birthday gifts for her that speak of the love you have for her. Whether it’s your mum or girlfriend or wife or your daughter there is a perfect gift for her birthday. Let’s look at our favorite gifts for her because having a fun party is nice but a birthday gift would make it memorable.

  1. Personalised bookmarks for Mum:
    Whether she is a complete bookworm or an occasional reader customized bookmark that has her name or a quote from her favorite book will definitely make her birthday unforgettable. Bookworms just love bookmarks even if they finish the book in one go and slow readers who savor every written word or are plain lazy ;) this personalised birthday gifts for mum would fondly remind them that they need to finish that book.
  2. Personalised champagne glass for girlfriend:

    A toast to her because she is simply incredible; is must! What better way to raise this toast with a glass that has her name embossed on it or even better a quote she lives by with? The best thing about this birthday gift for girlfriend is that she would remember you (even if you’re not around) every time when she pours herself a drink. We can also add a personal touch to the wine bottle holder. Even she passes by it, a smile is guaranteed!

  3. A scrapbook to mark memories:

    A black “Our Story so Far” personalised scrapbook gift for wife is a perfect idea to kindle the creative artist in her. She can paste pictures to secure the fond memories she had had with you so far. She is now free to mark journey in permanent print on paper rather than just in memories.

  4. Crystal glass tea light holder:
    So she is a granny now and we have a perfect thoughtful gift for grandmother’s birthday - a personalised crystal glass tea light holder. Along with the light it also has a carving of a special message from grandchildren to their granny that she is the light of the family and without her everything is dark.

  5. Angel sister wooden plaque:

    We have a wonderful birthday gift for sister- a special angel sister wooden plaque that clearly states that she is an angel in your life..(well angel or demon we’ll settle later but it’s her birthday!!). On her special day this plaque would surly stimulate the fond memories you’ve spent as children and that she is always there for you, the person who has your back when nobody else is there.

  6. Personalised keepsake wooden box:

    Your aunt is your second mother and it’s her birthday today. There must be many things she needs to keep safe or she might just need a keepsake box to enhance the beauty of her bookshelf, keeping this thought in mind we have a personalised keepsake wooden box as a birthday gift, for your auntie, that could be personalised by putting her name on top or message telling her that her birthday is something not to be forgotten by you.

  7. Angel stone keepsake for your daughter:

    Your daughter’s birthday is the best day in the entire year because it reminds you of the fact that this was the day when you held a real angel in your arms for the first time and ever since your life is full of blessings and happiness. Gifting her beautiful angel stone keepsake would be a perfect gift for daughter’s birthday.

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